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Born out of all the other friendly videogame/anime relate rating communities, The Patriots::A Metal Gear Solid Rating community is dedicated to the grand game Metal Gear Solid. Join and Have a little fun.

+runs away to promote community and work on stamps+

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I love rating communites and I will gladly join, if I am auto accepted. Check out my info page.
Most definately. ^_^ Rating won't start until we obviously have a good amount(about 5-10) members to get things started.
i'll join also if that is okay
That's definately fine.
I'll sign up.
i'll sign up also
It's been two weeks already. Is anything going to happen? Or am I just being impatient?
Well, not to be rude or anything, but before stuff starts you have to join the community.

The only proper response to that is to reveal my startling incompetence and ask how to join a community.

Deleted comment

The way you can join it, on the info page of the community, you click the link on the top of the white part of the page that says "Join the Community" . You are then part of the community. Membership is open.
how many more people do you need for this
Sorry to bother you, but I have a few communities that could affiliate with yours. If you want, I could try to help get this one active again!