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Heroes are Born

Doris Elizabeth Chavez
Nickname: Don't really have one.... Razi?
Age: 15
Eyeclr: Brown
Hairclr: Black... Naturally brown
Bloodtype: O
Music Genre: Rock
Sport: .... Soccer...
Animal: Wolf
Weapon of Choice: ...Sniper rifle
Metal Gear Character: Solid Snake
Things to do
Reading, writing, ...sleeping?
Talents: Writing
Current Goal in Life: Sadly I have none.... I don't really care about life...
Dream Job: Don't have one either... Joining the military... There...
A Few Questions
1. A large reptile approches you. You have a Tranq. gun and a fork. There are also ways to run away. How do you react to the creature?
Well, if it's not too far, I'll shoot it... And because I'm such an ass, I'll poke it in the eye with the fork and then run away a few feet and shoot it again....

2. You have just gotten shot in the leg. If you lay around, you are in constant danger of be discovered, what do you do? I'll hide somewhere obviously. Somewhere where I won't be discovered and shot... Again. And I'll treat the wound.

3. How active are you? Neutral.....

4. Anything Else? .... Cheese! Oh... And I've been labeled a goth and evil.....

My funny picture..... Run.... Run away and hide for dear life! Image hosted by

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