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The Patriots:: A MGS Rating Community!

Find your Metal gear Persona!

5/4/08 08:31 pm - raimuchan - Heroes Are Born~

But what about GI Joes? They're made in factories!Collapse )

Maaaaan, this place is really inactive! Hopefully this might revive it.

5/16/05 12:57 pm - notmarkflynn

This place is soooooooo dead. I'm out.

5/7/05 10:52 pm - looks_like_hell

I moved to this journal... I'm too lazy to repost my... Survey thingy or whatever the fuck it is....

3/11/05 07:42 pm - razi_razi - Here's a better picture of me!

Hoorah?Collapse )

3/2/05 12:30 pm - notmarkflynn

Here are a few picture I scrounged off Fotoki. I seem to spend a lot of time in costumes.



2/26/05 06:21 pm - razi_razi - Heroes are Born

My crappy application.....Collapse )

2/14/05 11:49 am - notmarkflynn - Heroes Are Born

Name: Mark William John Flynn
Nickname: Marcus Aurelius (But please, just Mark, or Flynn...)
Age: 17
Eyeclr: Blue Green
Hairclr: Brown
Bloodtype: AB
Color: Blue
Music Genre: All save modern rap/ rock/ bad country
Sport: Hackey Sack
Animal: Racoon
Weapon of Choice: Combat Knife, Calico Liberty.
Metal Gear Character: Johnny Sasaki
Things to Do
Hobbies: Video Games, friends.
Talents: Humor, creative writing, other such bullshit that won't get me a job.
Current Goal in Life: Get published
Dream Job: Own a non-profit company and live off publication deals
A Few Questions
1.A large reptile approaches you. You have a Tranq. gun and a fork. There are also ways to run away. How do you react to the creature?

See if it gets to close (2 feet), if it does, I already have a bead on it. Tranq, and if I know where the arteries are, kill.

2. You have just gotten shot in the leg. If you lay around, you are in constant danger of be discovered, what do you do?

Find a good hiding place and stop the bleeding, preferably a shadowed corner.

3. How active are you?

Medium activity level. I'm pretty agile, and have a wiry strength, but I'm no he-man.

4. Anything Else?

I have a decent pain tolerence, and I don't get angry easily. I lie a lot, too. I mean a lot. But not to friends. I get paranoid a lot that my friends only pay attention to me when I'm making jokes, and that I'm just some pathetic moron. Like right now.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of myself. No digital camera. I'll work on that.

But later, if it's alright with you guys, I'd like to post a story I wrote on Johnny Sasaki, after the events of MGS2.

1/10/05 07:50 pm - lonelymelody - Welcome!

Born out of all the other friendly videogame/anime relate rating communities, The Patriots::A Metal Gear Solid Rating community is dedicated to the grand game Metal Gear Solid. Join and Have a little fun.

+runs away to promote community and work on stamps+

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