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Heroes Are Born~

Name: Brittany.
Nickname: My most common Internet handle is Lime.
Age: 15, though I'll be 16 on the 15th.
Eye color: Hazel.
Hair color: Light brown.
Blood type: I honestly have no idea.

Color: Lime green, although I also like different shades of green and blue.
Music Genre: Rock, perhaps? I'll like just about anything, though.
Sport: I'm not much of a sports person, but I love to swim and bowl.
Animal: Wolf! Though I like a lot of animals.
Weapon of Choice: I'd try to fight with anything I could get my hands on if I had to, but if I had the chance I'd use a flamethrower. (Or just anything sharp, for that matter!)
Metal Gear Character: I'm not that far in MGS1, but my current favorite character is good ol' Solid Snake, with Mei Ling as my second favorite. From what I've seen of him, I also really like Otacon. (He's nicknamed after a convention, for crying out loud! That is AWESOME.)

Things to Do
Hobbies: I'm interested in geeky things like video games, anime, manga, and conventions. I love to write, although I get writer's block frequently. I like to learn about myself, which might be why I'm such a hobag for rating communities and personality quizzes. I'm also interested in a few -ologies, like psychology, sociology, mythology and astrology.
Talents: Like I mentioned earlier, I like to write, and it's probably my only talent. I'm not that great at it, though. D: People also like to talk to me about their problems, and I'm almost always willing to lend an ear. Would that count?
Current Goal in Life: I want to graduate high school and be able to go to a good college.
Dream Job: I want to be a psychologist! And maybe even a writer, if I'm lucky.

A Few Questions
1.A large reptile approaches you. You have a Tranq. gun and a fork. There are also ways to run away. How do you react to the creature?: I would most likely run away and hide, but if I were cornered by the reptile I would use the tranquilizer gun and run far away. I wouldn't want to harm him/her.

2. You have just gotten shot in the leg. If you lay around, you are in constant danger of be discovered, what do you do?: I'd try to ignore the pain and limp myself to safety. I'd hide somewhere and tend to my wound.

3. How active are you?: Not very. I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen!

4. Anything Else?: I just got into MGS. =D; So, uh... No spoilers, please?

Post at least 1 clear picture of you behind a cut.
I only have two somewhat recent pictures of myself, both of which were taken last Christmas.

Maaaaan, this place is really inactive! Hopefully this might revive it.
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